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Updated: May 19

You see for the umpteenth time, I've looked for the site that would communicate the ease with which I could share my thoughts without stressing me....aaarrrghhh! wordpress stressed me out! We just weren't for each other. I know some of you would swear by Wordpress, but i'd rather comfort over trying to google out everything...Thankful for the Wix team for making life easier for me.

I'm super excited to have you all on board- as much as I love to document my thoughts, as a teenager, somehow when I got married in 2011, I lost my steam and began to get my mojo back in 2019 after an encounter with the teachers and mentors God sent my way to awaken me again.

This morning as I prepared to begin my blogging again, (which has been on and off since 2014 by the way), I looked into the mirror and said to myself, IDALA, THIS IS FOREVER!

If there's anything that freaks me out, it's excessive planning. I love being spontaneous and I know that why I can do great projects and also easily let go of things that don't align to what ABBA wants of me.

But you know, I don't also want to take things for granted. Hence I'm putting myself out here to be accountable and also to you to prod me whenever you don't see anything from me in a week.

You'll see me share everything I'm involved in at the moment and also share parenting tips as inspired by the Holy Spirit. I'm thankful that I can just journal with ease here and get you all to contribute also.

Can't wait to read from you soon.

Hot gist from one of my mentees coming up in the next post of how she saw me in billboard... I don blow abi? Get to know soon

There's nothing that beats ease...ha! I'm still goshing about the ease this site is giving me... Am I alone in this wordpress matter? What are your views Wordpress or Wix, Which gives ease?

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