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Updated: May 19

You know that this is for life right? I mean this blogging thingy we got going...(If you don't understand, you'd need to check my 1st wix blog).

So for those of you that see me share on my Whatsapp story, we're about to document our stories here more and share elaboratively. Bye bye to abridged gist!!! hahaha

So to the Billboard gist, a mentee of mine, Tega sent me a beautiful 9mins voicenote on whatsapp and saidshe saw me on a billboard repping a project dear to my heart that I share alot to my inner circle members.

See me talking about mentees now, I'd never have thought a former shy girl like me could lead amazing women and to think that God wanted to make it formal by launching a Mentorship Bootcamp that helps women (visionaries) to be synergized in their SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY to become equipped to fulfil purpose..aaarrrggghhh!!! I wanted to run, because I already lead most of these women in our larger community called The FlexiMum Community (A FREE GROUP).

One of the major goals of the Mentorship Bootcamp was to dig deep into their achievements and give a sense of worth and motivation for the bigger vision ahead.

Tega had just fulfilled one task, which was launching her YOUTUBE CHANNEL . I was just so thrilled to see how much she's grown since I became intentional about leading the women God gave me.

I'll share more about the bootcamp in the next blog, I promise to keep these gists short, sharp and straight to the point. Share with me your dreams and what you really envision yourself doing in the next 2-3years.

Do you need help with finding purpose or just clueless about your life's purpose, share also, you'll find someone in the comment section spurring you on in the right direction.

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