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My Mentorship BootCamp Story

Updated: May 19

So some months ago, God showed me how HIS vision about how the message of unifying the Spirit, Soul & Body, would start coming together. I honestly don't know how, but with God, HE always makes things super beautiful. So I started talking to my larger community of women and about 9 women registered.

I'm just so humbled with how God is taking us on this journey because all 10 of us are on a radical transformation inside out. This first cohort will run from May 1st to July 31st, 2021 and it's tagged Synergy 500. God is set to transform 500 visionaries through me this year/season, (however long it takes, no pressure or boxing HIM)

So far, we've undergone exercises that have made us dig deep and the accountability plus sisterhood has been amazing!!!

At first, I was wondering how I'd fit this into my already busy schedule, but it has been worth it so far.

So grateful, that as I'm being poured into by my teachers, I get to pour into the unique desires of my mentees too. It's such a privilege to see all of us grow in a rapid exponential way. I'll be sharing our success stories as I'm permitted to. I'm also looking forward to testimonies and amazing miracles too.


Hope you're enjoying this 3-course meal blog I've served you? Share what you'd like to know about the programme or about getting mentored by anyone generally.

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