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IDALA means Father's Wealth

You Are Welcome To My Wealthy World

I'm a mum to 4 amazing Kings & I believe in people's wealth, not material, but the treasure and vision that people carry and I CALL THESE PEOPLE "VISIONAIRES" Yes, VISIONAIRES because they are unique and also deserve to be healthy enough to live long to birth their vision(s).

At the core of all that I do, I'm sold out to helping visionaries become intentional about the health of their SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY! Amongst many other hats I wear-As a Mentor, Life Coach, Mum, Author, Wife & More



You see for the umpteenth time, I've looked for the site that would communicate the ease with which I could share my thoughts without...


You know that this is for life right? I mean this blogging thingy we got going...(If you don't understand, you'd need to check my 1st wix...

My Mentorship BootCamp Story

So some months ago, God showed me how HIS vision about how the message of unifying the Spirit, Soul & Body, would start coming together....


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